Qlite Web

Qlite Web is a web interface for your ql-node (QLRI) that you can open in your web browser. It brings everything together into one place: from managing your oracles, qubics and iam streams to installing and playing with qApps.

How to start

You will need the QLRI. Just start it with the parameter -api to enable the web app:

java -jar qlri-0.3.jar -api

You should then see the url for your qlite web interface (here '') in your terminal:

java -jar qlri-0.3.jar -api
  === Welcome to QLRI v0.3 ===
  loading persistence ...
  loading 1 iam stream(s) ...
  loading 0 qubic(s) ...
  loading 0 oracle(s) ...
  loading app(s) ...
  persistence loaded
  starting api listener for ''
  Type 'help' for more information.

Just visit the url with your web browser to access the gui.


qlite web - the web interface for your ql-node
installing qApps is super simple